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Diversification policy of the management lead the Meenachil to set up a Technically Specified Block Rubber Factory in 1999 and the unit started its commercial production on 26th November 1999. Right from the interception, the product 'ISNR' made its own name and captured the market. During this small tenure of operation, ISNR of Meenachil is quite familier to all the rubber consuming industry, by tasting it.

The operation, control and the management of the factory are the responsibilities of the Factory Management Committee. There is a full time Factory Manager, who is the Chief Executive officer of the factory.
Capital Investment
Meenachil invested 175 lakhs rupees for setting up this TSBR Factory with the aid of National Co-operative Development Corporation and Government of Kerala.
The capacity of the unit is 20 MT/day
The management of the Block Rubber Factory is vested with a Management Committee with the following Directors as its members:
Adv. Joy Nadukkara
Mr. Steephen Thadavanal
Vice President
Adv. Joy Abraham
Mr. Joy Joseph
Adv. Joy Nadukkara
Mr. Thomas J. Porunnoli
Mr. C. C Michael
Smt. Selly George
Crepers, diesel fired drier, hydraulic press, and pre-cleaning equipments like pre-breaker, and Hammer Mills are installed in the plant. The details of machinery installed with capacity and name of manufacturer are given in Annexure 1 .
The TSBR Factory have a full fledged laboratory to test the parameters of ISNR like, dirt content, volatile matter, nitrogen content, Ash content, P0 and PRI. The latest model of Wallace Rapid Plastimeter (MK V model) is used for testing P0 & PRI values of ISNR. The details of testing equipments in the laboratory with capacity and name of manufacture are given in Annexure II.
The production of Technically Specified rubber from field coagulum or scrap rubber (cup lump, tree lace and shell scrap) consists of the following operations.
1,Reception, storage, sorting.
2. Soaking, initial size reduction and blending.
3. Intermediate size reduction and blending.
4. Maceration / creping.
5. Second stage maceration / creping.
6. Final size reduction and blending.
7. Drying. 
8. Pressing, grading and packing.
We strictly adhere the specification of Bureau of Indian Standards (IS 4588 - 1986). Goodyear Orient Co. Pte. Ltd. Singapore is testing our ISNR samples in every quarter. The latest test result issued by them is given in Annexure - IV..
Technical Staff
Competent, young and energetic persons are placed in the TSBR Factory. There is a full time Factory Manager to look after the entire activities of the unit. Qualified persons are placed in the procurement, quality control, and maintenance section. The factory have its own accounts department to take care of the financial matters. The details of technical staff with their qualification is given in Annexure III.
Pollution Control
Meenachil has constructed an effective Pollution Control system to treat the effluent water. This system consists of five rubber traps, one effluent tank, one aerator tank, one sledge tank and one clarifier. The treated water is used for irrigation. The factory secured First place among Small Scale Industries in making substantial and sustained effort in pollution control in the year 2002.
Meenachil TSBR Factory is the third one among the ISNR processors and second one in the co-operative sector having ISO 9001:2000 certification. The certification is issued by T U V and is valid until May 2005. Our name itself resembles our quality policy. With all these, Meenachil is ready to meet the global challenge.