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The Meenachil Rubber Marketing & Processing Co-operative Society Ltd., popularly known as Meenachil,incorporated on 23rd March 1960 with 28 members and a share capital of Rs. 640 with the main objective of improving the social and economical status of the farmers especially in the rubber sector. It is functioning as a boosting factor for both, the rubber growers, and the industrialists.

Meenachil is one of the premier organisation in the country engaged in the processing and marketing of natural rubber.The society began its business activities by starting a rubber nursery in 1963. In 1965 the society constructed two smoke houses for producing quality RSS grade sheetsWith the establishment of a Crepe Mill Meenachil started its diversification in1969. In 1975 Meenachil set up a Centrifugal Latex Factory with the aid from National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) and Rubber Board. This was the first cenex factory established under the co-operative sector in India. There begins the saga ofMeenachil.

Over 14% of the total rubber produced in the country is from the area of operation of the society which has more than 12000 members in its roll. The society has already established more than 60 collection centers in various places in Meenachil Taluk to collect natural rubber from farmers.

In 1992, Meenachil started trading in sheet rubber. Various grades of RSS rubber is purchased through various depots established by the society and transferred to the grading centers where it is graded, standardized, and packed. The society is now supplying various grades of RSS rubber to the many rubber consuming industries.

In 1999, Meenachil started a Technically Specified Block Rubber Factory with 6MT/day capacity at Koodalloor in Kottayam District of Kerala. ISNR 20 of ISI quality is the major product of this unit.

Meenachil extends a host of services to their members. This includes the supply of inputs like, fertilizers, manure, acid, fungicide, taping shade, chemicals, implements and household items through its Farmers Supermarket and its branches.

From its very interception Meenachil has been acting as a link between the rubber grower and the consuming industry. Meenachil extends after sales service and attends all product complaints to the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Because we give greater care at all stages of processing, standardization, packing, transportation, storage etc.

Meenachil is the only one in the co-operative sector in India having two units under single management for processing field latex and scrap rubber. Not only that, Meenachil is the first one having ISO 9001:2000 certification for its entire activities.