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To make arrangements necessary for the sale of rubber produced by its members.
To produce and distribute among members, good quality seedings, agricultural equipment, manure, pesticides etc.
To establish industries by collecting raw rubber.
To hire or purchase lorry or other vehicles for the convenient, movement of the goods to and from the society.
To give advance loans to the members on the security of the goods submitted to the society.
To educate and instruct scientific knowledge for the proper processing of rubber latex and rubber cultivation.
To act as an agent of the government as well as the rubber board for the development.
To promote among members co-operation, self - reliance and minimum expenditure.
To do other acts that are necessary for the various purposes stated above.
To act as an agent for the sale of rubber products and to give financial and technical aid and to control the industrial concerns of rubber industry, and to scientifically prepare and process the rubber produced by the members.
To import the scientific knowledge of rubber cultivation, the society can own rubber estates by itself or to take rubber estates on lease arrangement.
The society can either take or hire or it will have its own godowns to stock the products produced by the members. Similarly the society can have consumer shops for the benefits of the labourers and members.