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Kerala , the God's own country is a state situated at the southernmost tip of India. Sandwiched between the tall mountains and the deep sea, Kerala is a long stretch of enchanting greenery. The tall exotic coconut palm dominates the landscape. The state has a total area of 38863 sq. kms. Kerala is principally an "Agricultural state".The climate of Kerala, availability of adequate sunlight,water, and other facilities has contributed to the growth of agricultural activities in Kerala. It is famous for its coconut, rubber, tea, coffee, pepper,cardamom and other spices. Coconut and Rubber are the largest crops under cultivation.
Kerala is the homeland of rubber cultivation in India. The approximate area of rubber cultivation in Kerala is six lakh hectors. Kerala contributes almost 90% of the area of rubber cultivation and 92% of the total production of rubber in India. Out of 14 districts in Kerala, Kottayam district is the foremost as 30% of the total acreage under cultivation os accounted here. Among the five taluks in Kottayam District Meenachil Taluk takes the first place.