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The back bone of our country is the toiling farmers. The farmers of India are not able to meet their needs by selling the agricultural produces they produce. While those who buy the agricultural produce are processing it and selling at a very high rate which is 2.5 times the purchase price. The Indian farmer community is exploited by intermediaries and industries. To overcome this injustice this society procures the rubber produces of the marginal rubber growers and process it to preserve and sell at a higher price whenever the requirement for it is seen in the market, whereby the rubber producing members are getting regular price within a month of supply by them and at the end of the year incentive / bonus price is given to them, if any profit is received by the society over and above the statutory reserves and the reserves for future developmental programme of the society as decided by the Board of Directors. All the rubber produces are procured through more than 100 collection centers throughout the Meenachil Taluk. Two Factories and one Crepe Mill are owned by the society.
Processing of Centrifuged Latex (60% Concentrated)
Processing of Block Rubber. (ISNR)
Processing of Pale Latex Creep. ( On demand )
Processing of Estate Brown Creep. ( On demand )
Processing of Skim Creep. ( On demand )
Trading of all grades of rubber sheets.
Supplying fertilizers and other inputs to the rubber cultivators.
Trading Activities :
The Meenachil Farmers Super Market supplying everything required by a marginal agriculturist at the lowest price without affecting the quality and quantity. The society owns Sales Depots at Erattupetta , and Pala town to distribute agricultural implements, inputs, and insecticides, and at Pala market.
(a) Meenachil Farmers Super market :
The society owns a Super Market of agricultural implements and inputs, under one roof named The Meenachil Farmers Super Market. This division is giving enough support to the farmers in the Meenachil Taluk and surrounding locality by marketing all goods required by the farmers. The unit has also been able to generate substantial sales volumes. Average yearly sales turnover is expected is Rs. 2 Crore during this year. The investment in stock is Rs. 50 Lakhs.
(b) Rubber Trading :
The society operates rubber sheet and scrap rubber purchase depots at various places in Kottayam Dist. It is proposed to start rubber trading activities elsewhere in Kerala to ignite the price of rubber produce of the toiling farmers.